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April 2017 Yoga & Wildnis program

Would you prefer to come to rest or experience adventure in the wild? With our new program, both are possible from the summer season 2017 onwards.

forest ghost train
Time to shudder! When it gets dark, the right time is for ghosts and ghosts. This is why the children load the parents and all friends on the forest ghost track, which have been working together during the day.

robber kitchen
Cooking and eating like the real robbers – this is what the kids experience in our robbery, depending on the season. Then it is first of all: to collect ingredients. And, by the fire, real robbers, of course, do not rely on a lighter: we collect our own tinder and try to kindle the fire with it. And when this has worked out, herbs, nettles, and flower biscuits are prepared, which then taste very good.

mountain man
Many legends and fairy tales tell of the mysterious miners, which few have ever seen. That is why we are building a dwelling for these beings and trying to attract them. And if we do not discover them ourselves, we find with a little luck some of their treasures.

Yoga für Kinder

family Yoga
With us in amiamo children and parents can not only play together and play together, but also relax together. In our new family yoga, all together discover the power that comes from the rest. Together, the proper breathing and some exercises of classical yoga.

kids Yoga
Relax with dog, cat and cow? But for sure, these are the names of the exercises with which the children are brought to yoga quite playfully. With appropriate stories, they dive into a new culture and other countries. They learn the right breathing and a selection of exercises which are suitable for children.

parents Yoga
Come to rest! This is sometimes not so easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our parent yoga teaches you how to rest with your yoga practice by changing your tension and relaxation. And the most beautiful thing: You can also take this wonderful feeling home with you after your holiday.