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  • Areitlonge
  • AreitLounge
  • AreitLounge
November 2018 Areit Lounge – Family meeting point on the mountain
Above the roofs of Zell am See!

The time spent together on a family vacation is very important. Unfortunately, this often comes too short, if a part of the family wants to spend the hours on the ski slope and the rest of the family enjoys the time at Familotel Amiamo. Thanks to the Areit Lounge on the Areit Alm, this valuable family time is not neglected, as all family members can meet here at over 1,000 meters, whether skiers or not.

The special meeting place for young and old

One of the most beautiful terraces far and wide

Enjoy a gigantic view of the snow-covered mountains in Zell am See. The Areit Lounge is especially popular with guests because it is where the whole family meets, whether skiers or not. In the middle of the ski area, mum and baby can meet with the remaining family members who enjoy skiing.

So the whole family, whether skier or not, can meet on the mountain pasture and enjoy delicious meals or a warm drink.

THE Lounge

The Areit Lounge * is a restaurant on the Areit Alm at 1,400 meters and can be easily reached with the areitXpress, also with the pushchair. The gondola lift brings guests to the Schmittenhöhe in just 7 minutes from the valley station directly in front of the Familotel amiamo.



* The Areit Lounge is an independent restaurant and is not part of the Familotel amiamo.