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Pedal boat rent
“Our cars on the lake.”

Pedal boats are to be found on almost every lake but a Ferrari and a Police car with which you can race across the lake are only to be found at the amiamo pedal boat hire – free of charge! You had better plan an extra hour at the lake for a race or a relaxing tour.

Extraordinary boat trip

A note on our behalf: the police car and the Ferrari have been unknown to the guests at the Zeller lake until now. The extraordinary pedal boats are to be found at our own beach and the rrent is free of charge!

What is that?

With 60 pedal strokes per minute a red Ferrari flies over the lake and leaves the police car behind him. Yes you did read correctly! The police car – a Volkswagen “Beetle” glides over the lake and the crew of the police car try to hold up but the distance just is getting to big.

You can hear “Oh dear!” coming from the police car boat. It wasn’t planned that dad should go on a quick tour with mum across the glittering lake!

‘Come on and catch us if you can!’ was the last thing the kids heard before their parents went off paddling as fast as they could. Phew, the children do not want to go in for speed but for smartness. And so they pedal back to the shore and sit down on the beach of the Familotel amiamo and simply wait for their parents.

It does not take long until the parents get back and see their off-spring with a big smile on their faces. The children jump up and say “Got you!” The children then jump into the Ferrari and put in the reverse gear and off they go. “Oh no, now we have to wait for them and they are certainly fitter  than we are!”, say the parents and are glad that at the amiamo beach there are some very comfortable sun loungers where they can soak up the sun.